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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Acknowledging You

Shadows in Winter, this picture is one of many I've taken in parks near Lake Ontario (Youngstown NY/Niagara region). Perhaps more on that soon, with pictures, of course!

So what brings me here today? Well, I want to leave comments in my own blog; a little write up to acknowledge the wonderful readers/writers that have graciously spent time at my blog and also to add to the discussion in general whenever possible. Blogger Help Group had several inquiries pertaining to the same issue I'm experiencing; that after going through the motions to write a comment, once the 'post comment' (or 'preview') button is selected, the page refreshes, leaving no trace that a comment was made and published. A mixed dozen of real and test comments are spinning lost in space. I am, however, able to post on other people's blogs just fine. yay! So until I figure out how to get my own comments to publish within my own blog comment area, I will try to re cap what I had wanted to share with the those that left a little something on my previous three blogs.

CaJoh Thanks for coming on board. I have plenty to read over at your wonderful blog space. I look forward to going back a little bit in time with your posts. Interesting, thought provoking, humble; I've been by already a few times- comments are coming! Thanks for the well wishes on getting better. As per your recommendation, I read through your list of home remedies, something that really came in handy over the weekend. I took to lots of sleep, fluids, warmth and even tried tossing a cough drop into my hot tea. Interesting idea, it worked well, and I will be integrating that into my cold care regimes in the future! Fortunately, I rarely experience a full blown cold, usually just something mild and pretty manageable. As long as there is good sleep and take extra care, I get well pretty quickly.

MB- ok, Shelfari is just too cute a name! I am surprised that I hadn't heard of it until now. I know so many people that have been keep track of the books they read, that they would love something like this to use. I have been mentally 'kicking myself in the butt' for not writing down what I read. Imagine how long the list is in a year for book-eaters like us, but then say look back over those lists decades later?! So while I haven't ever really done that, I have decided to start. I remembered most from last year, so 2008 will be the beginning of my official read list. Now I would like to use something like Shelfari to make it fun to look at and share (thank you, btw). As for the writer you recommended, Markus Zusak, have you read anything else by him (ones that I may have missed looking over your Shelfari)? There seems to be a handful to choose from (The Book Thief, I Am the Messenger, Getting the Girl, Fighting Ruben Wolfe, etc). I'm curious of his work, now that I have done a little search on his writing style and positive comments people have for his books. It is always exciting to add more authors to the list of books to buy from. I look forward to chatting about books and everything else we feel like!

and finally, PattyMooney, hello to you! Thank you for coming over and reading my blog. I'm not sure what direction it will take yet. Some people have a wonderful focus to their writing style and contents whether it is for business or pleasure. There is so much to think about, discuss, and learn from that the possibilities are wide open. Again, thank you for reading. As for the author, Anne Rice, she keeps coming up as an author I should be reading. I have read, Exit to Eden (under, Anne Rampling) her more risque work with The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty's Punishment and Beauty's Release (under, A.N. Roquelaure), however, I have not yet read any of the vampire novels yet, nor do I know much about them. Are they related, as in, do I need to read them in a particular order? Is it all one series or a few? If none of the above, is there one that I should start with? I do a lot more reading in the winter, and I'm beginning to think that it would be nice to get cozy warm and read something from her. I look forward to reading and learning more from over at your blog/site(s). Take care!

and now, I will do more searching and a few more test comments to see if I'm able to figure anything else out with my commenting issues. Well, in my period of rest and lounging, I've learned plenty in the past few days, simply navigating around blogspot.

It is well after 2am now, and although I have been sleeping on and off all day, I think it is time again ti try to catch a few more zzzz's, see where my dreams take me.


CaJoh said...

Thanks for the shout-out.

As for commenting, you may want to determine how you have it set up. There are several places that you can change things depending on how you want the user's experience to be.

I know that one person complained about how the new word authentication feature made him post comments more than once— especially if it comes up as a pop-up window.

Love your photos— keep them coming.

MB said...

Great photo!

Not sure how to fix the comment problem.

For years I kept a list of the books I read with a brief description and rating because people would often ask for a recommendation and I would find it hard to remember if I read it, liked it or hated it unless it was a stand out. I love being able to see the books on a shelf and keep them organized.

As far as Zusak's books, I read I Am The Messenger which was good but couldn't compare to the Book Thief. It was interesting though. I also read Getting the Girl which was much more of a young adult book. It was ok but certainly not a "must read."

Not sure if you're into heavy stuff but if you haven't read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged you should. It is a great winter book, I think over 1,000 pages and pretty heavy but a classic. I have so many more to recommend so let me know when you need more recommendations or check out my shelf.

Hope you are feeling better by now. Take care.

Thanks for all your support.

PreciseDisarray said...

ahhh, the commenting issue is generalized to all blogs that have the comment box integrated into the page. There is a certain look to them that I recognize now as ones that will not allow me to post- the same thing just happens over and over. As for blogs that have a separate window, such as this one now, I can post comments no problem. yay!

Thanks for the feedback Ca-Joh and MB, I appreciate it. :)

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